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Using a small team of volunteer Morris Minor Owners Club members, Miranda will be showing up at events across the country this year. Click any event on the list below to see more details, or click the button below to view Miranda’s whole diary.

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If you’re happy to share any photos you had taken with Miranda remembering your own loved ones, you can send it to us here and we’d love to add it to our galleries.

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Our nine hospices offer care and support for people living with all terminal illnesses and their families.

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About Miranda

The car being used for the Morris Minor Owners Club fundraising in 2023 is a 1963 Morris Minor 2 door saloon in Trafalgar Blue. It was donated to the club for fundraising by its owner Ruth Smith after being laid up since the Covid epidemic and in need of some structural repairs. Club member Brian Wood recommissioned the car and it was on display at the Classic Motor Show at the National Exhibition Centre while we worked out what we’d do with it.

There’s lots more info about Miranda here

Marie Curie

Marie Curie’s origins are linked to the Marie Curie Hospital , at 2 Fitzjohn’s Avenue, Hampstead. This pioneering hospital, opened in 1930 by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, specialised in the “radiological treatment of women suffering from cancer and allied diseases”. It was staffed by medical women, and cared for 700 patients a year in 39 beds, with facilities for radium and x-ray therapy, and modern pathological and research laboratories.

Visit the Marie Curie website here

Morris Minor Owners Club

Formed in 1976 , the Morris Minor Owners Club is the largest club in the world dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the post-war Morris Minor, produced from 1948 until 1971. With a small team of staff at our headquarters in Derby coupled with a dedicated team of volunteer committee members the club provides services to more than seven thousand members across the UK and around the world, With a network of branches around the country, an award winning bi-monthly magazine, dedicated spares support, and club merchandise, the MMOC caters for owners and enthusiasts of the best small car in the world.

Visit the MMOC website here

The club and Marie Curie

The Morris Minor Owners Club has been working with Marie Curie for more than twenty years . During that time we’ve used five cars as a national club, and the same again in regional branches, enjoying our hobby and raising money for Marie Curie. How much money have we raised? Well the truth is we don’t really know precisely, but it is comfortably into six figures – in 1998 a cheque for £30,000 was handed to representatives from the charity, and in 2016 another cheque was presented, this time for £40,000.

TRead more about the collaboration here

From barnfind to butterfly...

All Miranda's mileage in 2023 is carbon neutral

There is a common belief that classic cars are bad for the environment, but the issue isn't necessarily as clear cut as you might imagine. Miranda is keen to show off her green credentials and demonstrate that classic owners have an environmental conscience too.

To have any genuine validity, any calculations about the environmental footprint of a vehicle need to be ‘whole of life’ calculations, i,e, from the cradle to the grave. It makes sense that a car’s annual carbon footprint is 1/l*tc+ac, where l= lifespan (total number of years predicted use), tc= total carbon involved in manufacture, and ac= the amount of carbon produced by the vehicle during its use in a year.

But just defining the tc is a hugely complex calculation and there are as many definitions as there are people defining them. A rough rule of thumb is that a small (Toyota Aygo size) car has a footprint when rolling off the line of around 7 tonnes, while a top spec 4×4 (Land Rover DIscovery size) is up to 35 tonnes. Modern cars are less prone to the tinworm which consigned cars built last century to an early grave, and should have a lifespan of perhaps 15 years. To keep the calculation fair, we’ll enter the same mileage that the average classic car owner does in his car per year according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research report, of 1,200 miles. My modern Volvo XC90 turns out 340kg of carbon to do that distance, but let’s be generous and use the much smaller Toyota Aygo as mentioned above, which generates a slightly more reasonable 230kg. By comparison, the classic car churns out 560kg, more than twice as much. But, using the formula above, we have to add 1/15th (1 year from a 15 year lifespan) of 7 tonnes ‘creation footprint’ which equals 466kg to the Aygo figure, to get a total of almost 700kg. Since it was built at least thirty years ago, sometimes much more than that, the classic vehicle has long ago paid off its carbon debt, making it comfortably less polluting overall than even a clean supermini.

Some guy called Disraeli had something to say about statistics, but it’s fair to say that there is at least room for debate about classic cars, and that’s before you consider the huge amounts of money generated annually by the classic industry. If you fancy reading (much) more informed data on the subject, you can download the CEBR report free here and while away an hour or two, or start a conversation on the MMOC Facebook group at where we’ll be glad to chew the cud with you.

All of that said, Miranda will be travelling around the country this year promoting the Morris Minor Owners Club and more importantly Marie Curie, and in recognition of that, the club has contracted with carbon ofset organisation Tree-V to offset all the journeys the car undertakes. The club is also offering owners the chance to offset their own individual vehicles mileage when booking into our 75th anniversary National Rally this summer at Chateau Impney.

Going forward, the Morris Minor Owners Club commits to giving consideration to managing and lowering our carbon footprint and ensuring that we support green initiatives in the classic car movement as a whole.

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Not everyone uses, or even wants, social media. We get that, which is why we’ve put it right down here near the bottom. However the whole idea of Miranda is about being out there in the public eye so here’s how to reach us. If you’re on Facebook, we’re at

Miranda's Support Team

Lots of brilliant volunteers within the Morris Minor Owners Club, and Marie Curie itself, will be working with Miranda at various points throughout 2023.
Here are the core team who will be managing the car’s commitments.